Marketing tips for small business owners

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The never-ending question of how best to market a small business continues to persist even today. It’s clear that there is no magic formula that fits all businesses. It takes time, effort, and a bit of luck to strike the cords of potential customers who end up purchasing from a business. Bert Seither, who specializes in assisting small business owners, offers the following marketing tips for small businesses to have a good chance of getting some attention:

Target your marketing strategies as much as possible
A small business should be marketed based clearly on what it offers. This will enable you to target the potential clients or customers who could benefit from what you’re selling. If these individuals are more likely to find your business by seeing a sign on the side of the road, give this method a try. If they’re tech-savvy, consider Internet marketing. If they listen to talk radio, make this an option for you as well. The bottom line is that you should try to make your marketing efforts as visible as you can to the individuals who’d be most likely to do business with you.

Think outside the box
You have to be open-minded when it comes to marketing, Bert Seither says. However, some of the most basic tactics can work extraordinarily well, so you don’t have to be as creative as Picasso to be good at it. Just think a little outside the box, and consider the best methods of how to express what you offer in a format that’s most appropriate to tell your story. Look at how other successful businesses have done marketing. You may be able to pick up some cues from them without copying exactly what they’ve done.

Use online marketing
If you’re looking for inexpensive marketing opportunities, the Internet should be your best friend. From website advertising to using popular social media sites, there are lots of ways to show off your business on the computer and smartphone screens that potential customers are looking at. With so many web-ready devices out there these days, Internet marketing has basically become a necessity for small business owners who are looking to drive more customers to their businesses. The good news is that it should cost you less than using traditional pre-Internet marketing strategies to do this.

Clarify how your small business is unique
Effective marketers know how to uniquely express what a business offers. This means communicating how its products or services differ from others. Make these offerings shine brightly by describing them with terms that show how they are unlike what other businesses sell. Bert Seither recommends using language like, “Our product is better than others because it can benefit you in different ways. Others sell products that don’t offer these unique capabilities, so consider going with ours instead.”

Market yourself
Word-of-mouth can spread like you wouldn’t believe, and this starts by marketing yourself as a business owner. Attend events, hand out business cards, introduce yourself to strangers, and do everything you can to make sure everyone you know is aware of your company. Once others associate your name and face with your business, they’ll probably be more tempted to want to do business with you.

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